Took a week off, did you miss me?

f5c9c-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bamI took a week off now I am back at blogging. I found my “People helping People” volunteering services takes up a lot of my time so i didn’t blog for awhile. Still, all the time I am spending being local President did not keep me from a little reading. I read Bob Mayer’s “West Point to Mexico (duty, honor and courage trilogy) and will do a rating and review on my other blog, Lightning Chronicles at this next week along with placing it on Amazon and GoodReads. I am behind in placing several reviews on GoodReads and will catch up this week, I hope.

I did managed to get in a few hours writing as well on my “Dangerous Rescue” part of the Lightning in the Tunnel series. In between all this, I made a counter that my wife asked for in the kitchen to go with the island I built for her. So it has been a busy time for me as you can see. It is a balancing act I have to do everyday to keep my mind happy working on my books along with dedicating time for my volunteer work along with keeping the wife happy. Thank goodness I am retired or I couldn’t have done all this and work also.

Talk back, I’m listening, have a great week!


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