Why I love this cover

poster 2x (2)Not only because it was the cover of my first book but it was done exactly as I wanted. The cover tells a story in itself. Brad shown in the middle is at a party with his wife, Vicki that Michele attended. What started as an innocent night became a nightmare for Brad when he gave Michele a “Christmas party kiss. Little would they know that in less than twenty-four hours their lives would be forever intertwined because of the nuclear explosion seen in the background. The burning buildings signify the destruction of their world forcing all of the main characters to change forever.

Yes, I did pay extra to get the exact cover I wanted. That was back when I held a full time job. Now that I am retired, no such expenditure could be made for my other books. LOL plus my publisher selected the cover for some of the books.

Well, I finally finished writing “Dangerous Rescue” and now it goes to editing. I still don’t have a cover for it. What I would like is a scene of a jumbo jet crashed in the desert. I feel that would be the most appropriate for this book but don’t know if I can afford this one.

My wife asked me after I finished “Dangerous Rescue” what am I going to do with my free time now. Between the Cherish blogfest tour, volunteer work and writing she hasn’t had much of my time. I think she was hinting it was time to spend a little more time with her. My answer that I had several other books to finish cleaned the smile from her face knowing she was still a writer’s widow. Back to my first book, some of you may have read the dedication where I stated “my wife put on her boots, spurs and held her whip to get me to finish this book” I was asked by many readers how I could get anything done with her standing there naked with just boots, spurs and with a whip? LOL it was not easy but I enjoyed it.

Talk back and have a good day, I’m listening.


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