Talking about my writing

b1fda-closeupfour2On my other blog at I talked about what kind of writer I was and how I should be classified. The only reason I am mentioning it here is I think that my series “Lightning in the Tunnel” was correctly listed as a Dystopia/apocalyptic since that is how it started off but the series takes Brad and his wives (Yes I said Wives because in the future world they created it is perfectly legal and everyone does it)  through the world that was turned upside down in a nuclear war. Their life and battles to create a new nation that unites the world in world peace, one government with total human rights. Armies are eliminated but then they make one mistake to help those on earth to new homes in space giving people something to look forward to instead of feeling trapped on Earth. Brad serves two terms as President of this peaceful Earth where all wars have been eliminated. Children grow up and time passes as more and more humans go into space as Large mining corporations seek to control the riches found on other planets and in the Asteroid Belt. A Gold rush buy ordinary citizens to these new rich areas causes a split in those on Earth and those living in space. Two of Brad’s wives become bored living in a world where there is no wars for them to fight and go into space as Admirals in charge of fleets being sent to Jupiter’s moons and Saturn’s moons to explore for future mining operations and settlements. Then tragedy strikes when a bacteria in the Martian soil gets into the food chain on Mars and is carried on ships traveling to and from Mars. The Martian Bug as it is known destroys the human body from inside. Death is very painful and they had nothing to prevent it. Soon, Any ship or any personnel that came in contact with this bacteria was forbidden to return to earth putting a permanent wall between those going into space and those Earth bound. Laws were passed and a space fleet created to insure no one in contact with any thing coming from Mars or the other colonies ever touched Earth’s soil. Luna and the space stations in orbit around Earth were considered part of Earth. The choice then became stay on Earth and Luna or forever be banned from returning to Earth. The right to vote was stripped from anyone becoming a spacer. In the midst of all this a former Admiral of the British Navy sees his son succumb to a horrible death in front of his eyes from the Martian Bug and he becomes the new President of Terra. Brad’s step daughter, Ronda dies the same death. Time passes and Cat, the Admiral of the Saturn fleet has contact by Aliens believing the Earth had finally grown up enough to become galactic citizens. She contacts Brad not knowing who else to speak to about the Aliens, with the World Congress passing so many laws about those in outer space and building armed ships to insure the blockade can not be run. They would shoot the Aliens on site. Brad then asks his wives to have a space craft built that they could use to go meet with these aliens and try to keep the peace between humans. In the last book of the series I have published, I called “A Need for Lightning”  Lightning became the name of their craft. So after the first seven books, I guess I should label it a Science fiction series.  Just my thoughts tonight. Talk back, I’m listening.


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