Why I do not buy followers.

f5c9c-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bam I am constantly finding new followers on Twitter that want to sell me followers for x-dollars. I don’t know if any celebrities subscribe to buying followers so they can show a lot of support. I my case, it took five years to build my followers up to ten thousand and I know not all of them are supporters. A few just want to sell me something. For their information, I am not buying. I quickly reached eleven thousand and climbing. On GoodReads, I have not reached a thousand yet but getting close. The same on LinkedIn, I think I am closer to a thousand there. On my two blogs, http://booksbyagmoye.blogspot.com I have a few regular followers but a few hundred visitors on average. My WordPress blog, this one I have over a hundred followers, I think if I am reading it right and mostly the visitors are just those following the blog. As on both blogs, it depends on the subject matter. I know most will find this boring but what the heck.

I have reached several decisions in my social media life. The biggest one is I will not pay to be part of any group to help sell me and my books. I have followers world wide and do not wish to limit myself to one local group. You can find me on twitter at http://twitter.com/Agmoye, Tumbler as AG.Moye  and on LinkedIn at :///www.linkedin.com/pub/a-g-moye/53/850/628 and on GoodReads at  http://w.w.w.goodreads.com/agmoye and as always on my Amazon account at http://amazon.com/A.G.Moye  I am also on Smashwords for my most popular book

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/323360 chronicles of the marauder You can find me on a lot of other sites as well. Every ebook I publish is also available in paperback for those wishing to hold one in your hands. Have a great day. Talk back, I’m listening!


7 thoughts on “Why I do not buy followers.

  1. If I have to pay someone to read my words, I have failed as an author.

  2. Of course you don’t buy followers. o_o I love every sub I get but I never bought them. That’s just stupid. *rolls eyes*

  3. Appreciate, and Agree with Your: ‘I will not pay to be part of any group to help sell me and my books.’ Regards. 🙂

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