Thursday Confusion

Normally by this point in the week, I would be thinking, just one more day to get this week over with. But I am retired so my work week is really never over. All I can hope for is the next week will be better. How about you do you look forward to the weekend to create a break in your life? I sometimes think our bodies and mind get so accustom to having the week broken up by the week end activities that it suffers withdraws when we don’t. Does one day after another seemed to blend into one another not giving your mind a rest?

On another note- I have decided to re-publish my first book by December even though I originally took it off the market because it contained too much explicit sex. After the success of Fifty Shapes of Grey, I wondered if there might be a market for the book after all. So don’t be surprised to find this book back on Amazon by Christmas.poster 2x (2)It is definitely not for anyone under the age of eighteen because it contains explicit sex, violence but believe it or not very little profanity. I only use it when the situation calls for it.

Talk back, I’m listening like always and follow this blog for more unusable information. Have a great day and enjoy your weekend coming up! 


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