Thanks A. G. Moye for Helping Launch His Revenge

Thanks to john for this “thank you” post. A.G.

Fiction Favorites

A.G Moye

I want to thank A.G. Moye for helping with the launch of His Revenge. He is has posted a launch announcement at Visit his other blog at as well. As a thank you i would like you to know more about A.G. Moye.

A.G.Moye is the author of Fifteen Books all available on Amazon. Visit his author page to see them.

Here is a little more information about his books from A.G.

#marauder #SpaceCowboy #books with a Twist! are my hashtags. Born in the cotton fields of Arkansas.
Lived in Clarksville, AR and delivered newspapers from five to fourteen. After the death of my Father when I was eleven, my Mother remarried few years later and moved me to California. “Los Angeles” to be exact.
Boy, was that a shock for a fifteen a boy to come from a small town of 3,000 people to the…

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