This book will make Fifty Shades of Gray blush-

Well I did it, I republished my first book- In the Beginning-Lightning in the Tunnel series

Yes that is the republished kindle version it is also available on prime at no cost. A couple of years ago I took it off the market but have had several requests to republish the book as I originally wrote the beginning of the Lightning in the Tunnel series. It is for adults only since it contains graphic violence and explicit sex scenes.  You can order your edition at for non prime members it is only $3.99 US dollars
or free on prime. Check with your Amazon location if out of the USA, it should be available there soon.
For those desiring good old paper backs they will be available in three to five days  On Amazon locations under ISBN-13 978-151982371 or ISBN-10 1519182376  For those that can’t wait you can order it on Createspace at
For those that never heard of the series, it is about a man and his family that has his world turned upside down when a nuclear bomb hits LA. In a city gone crazy, survival is the game of the day.
Talk back, I’m listening as always.

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