Cruising GoodReads and LinkedIn

poster 2x (2)Some times I get emails from Goodreads wondering why I don’t participate that often. I have a habit of going on there and reading what is posted, follow some blogs and comment on some items (which is rare) but mostly I like to read what others are saying. The same about LinkedIn, all the groups I am a member of I daily see what is happening. On LinkedIn I probably post ten times as much as I do on GoodReads because they have interesting subjects most of the time and get into disagreements about a subject that holds my attention. On GoodReads the discussion is normally about books even though I have several on there, I try not to mention them. “Ask the Author” is one part I do enjoy reading what questions others asked about various authors.  Oh well, I am rambling so let’s go onto other things.

If you are wondering why the picture if the picture above has anything to do with this post, it doesn’t but I felt I had to put something besides my picture on this blog. I am sure you get tired of seeing it. How is your week shaping up. Just a warning, it seems like the President and Congress is getting ready to battle again. My email box is getting filled people wanting me to sign petitions for and against things. I have started just deleted them without reading getting so many. The political scene is too early for me to even get interested in the 2016 campaign until after the first of the year. Everyone wants me to support their favorite candidate but I am not ready to donate or commit to anyone.

So have a nice week as Christmas steam rolls our way. Talk back I’m listening.


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