My Chapters tend to be long

f5c9c-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bam I am one of those writers that hate to stop my story to begin an new chapter so if you are reading any of my books, you will not get to bed on time, you might even be late for work because you just couldn’t put it down.

The nice thing about the type of writer I am is I keep you locked in wanting to know what happens next especially my rewritten books of the Lightning in the Tunnel series. 92930_CVR_FNL_03_02_11 I have even rewritten the next book and the new version will be out in January of 2016 called “Dangerous Rescue”. Look for it next year.

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the cover for Lightning in the Tunnel for a second, I paid extra to get just what I wanted without the original publisher putting what they wanted. The characters pictured there are Brad in the center, Michele on his right with Vicki on his left all dressed up to attend the Christmas party at Brad’s work. The atomic mushroom cloud symbolizes what happened the next day after the party and the burning buildings symbolizes the changes that occurred after the nuclear blast. Just though you might want to know. Drop by and take a read of Lightning in the Tunnel. If you have Amazon prime it is free for you to read. Have a nice day and great week. Talk back, I’m listening, as always.


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