State of Confusion

f5c9c-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bam I’m like a lot of people right now in a state of confusion over the mass killings going on right now. I support the right to bear arms yet I would like to see methods in place to prevent these mass killings by deranged people. The state has made me unable to concentrate on writing my books “Saddle Spur” and “IronHearts” because I spend so much time on social media and world events it is difficult to concentrate on writing. I was sadden when politics broke short the life of the female Great Britain PM leaving behind two small children. People should allow others to disagree with them and not resort to violence against those that do not see things their way. Violence has never solved a problem, the only real way is respectably sit down and meet on mutual terms, agreeing where you can and allow the other to disagree. After all, we are all human and share this planet. Maybe because I am an American, I know we can reach a compromise, that is the human solution.

The European Union was a grand experiment just as the American Republic was over two hundred years ago. It was designed to bring together those that spoke different languages, had different views on how to do things. Trying to make wars unnecessary between them and find common ground for the advancement of their citizens. Like all experiments, there will be stutter steps and necessary direction corrections. Great Britain will vote on June 23 whether to leave the Union or stay. Recent attacks in Paris and other places has had a dampening effect on citizens feeling safe and hence the vote.

America being in an election year has become more divided politically trying to decide which direction to go. One candidate wants to retreat to the past stripping certain groups of their rights. The other candidate wants to keep the status quo but has a lot of baggage and may be not be electable in many American’s eyes. This is the sad state of American politics.

Thanks for listening to my rants, maybe the world will calm down in time and talk out their differences instead of using bullets to solve them. Talk back, I’m listening.


4 thoughts on “State of Confusion

  1. Thank you for your perspective on this. It helps me, as an American, understand the issue better.

  2. Here in the U.S., sadly, we know little about the EU. It does sound like a noble endeavor, but it also looks like some in power at the EU are abusing their power. Our democracy, our democratic experiments, need to be monitored constantly, and reformed when necessary. Maybe the U.K.’s exit will help improve the EU?

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