Cherished blogfest post-my cherish

 It took me a long time to find my Cherished item. My real most cherished item is my wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren so I had to select something after agreeing to do the Cherish Blogfest 2016.

My wife discovered during the winter that she had talents she never knew. Normally she does not have the patience to create something. It was tedious work but she found her abilities and patience to do this. She started with old horseshoes, cleaned them up and then painted them. Some black, some silver. Using leather she attached all the beads and feathers creating a beautiful wall ornament. In the center is our last name made from wooden blocks. To me it is something special she created for us.

I showed two views, the top one is trying to show the entire item with a slight close up in the second picture to see more of the details. Thank you for dropping by my blog and you can follow me if you wish. I normally follow the sites I visit.

 Drop by and visit other blogs taking part in this blogfest. I am sure they will enjoy having your company.


13 thoughts on “Cherished blogfest post-my cherish

  1. Nice post. I know it’s just your wife who made this, but this reminds me that doing crafts can be a good bonding moment for the family, especially with the kids.

  2. Thank you for joining us this year and for sharing your wife’s beautiful artwork. Choosing an object is the hardest part of this blogfest for me. I really like the idea of taking something that is old and worn and turning it into a beautiful decoration. So many things around us just get tossed out once they’ve served their purpose. Enjoy the weekend. Dan – cohost – #CBF16

  3. I love the beads and feathers and the way she incorporated a horseshoe into it. I can see why you cherish this so much. Such a lovely reminder of your wife’s talents and creativity.

  4. Very nice. Something handcrafted from a loved one is always a treasure.

  5. That is very cool and unique. Your wife has a talent.

    Susan Says

  6. It is so nice that you joined the blofest this year. Your wife is very talented indeed! Choosing one cherished thing is the greatest challenge.

  7. That’s lovely and she is creative. Thinking what will go well in terms of color and imagining all that is not easy. Good work and thank you for bringing it to us. It is a cherished thing.

  8. Loving that you cherish a creative piece your wife made! And happy she found her creative thang, my wish for everyone! Kate, Co-host, #CBF16

  9. Beautiful craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I agree with Dan – I love to see creative pieces made from recycled items and bits and bobs. I hope your wife continues to explore her creativity. It seems she has just started!

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