Blogging a must for a writer

b8199-goodreads_logo_140-5b3e47356388131c1699f0baca28a234  Even though my time is limited for blogging because right now I am caught up in writing my story called “Saddle Spur” I realize it is important to remain in touch with my readers and the world. Unlike when I wrote my previous books, two or three at a time, Saddle Spur has me concentrating and working on it alone. The story keeps rolling through scene by scene faster than I can put it on the computer. Yet I know I can not negligent my blogging time.

I was under the weather for the past few days and tried to write but it wasn’t coming out right so as not to screw up the story, I just didn’t write during those periods when my train of thought kept getting derailed. I don’t know what I had but one thing was clear, I lost a thought in mid-motion trying to put it on the computer. I think I’m getting better, been taking medicine to clear my head. Still you can see by this blog jumping all around that I am not really back to my old self. I hope whatever this is goes away quickly. I have a lot more writing to get done and back on my other books that are partly complete.

I hope you can follow my ramblings in this blog. Anyway talk back, I’m listening as always. Have a great week.


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