Finding a place to dream.

f5c9c-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bam Dreams can happen anytime and any place. They are not necessarily only for nighttime. As I wander through this thing called life, I have found that dreams are the inspiration that sets you on a path to do something or just accomplish a dream. I have been a blogger for a few years now and I’m impressed by how some dreamers make their dreams come true. For example, there is one Cindy Knoke that I follow her blog. She is not a professional photographer but loves to take pictures of places, animals and other points of interest. She has become very good at it, I always enjoy her posts of birds, wild animals and places very few of us get to visit. She doesn’t claim to be a professional but I can’t tell the difference. Her pictures of life in the Holler are to be enjoyed as well. Writers are dreamers as well, especially fiction writers like me. They have to do it with their eyes open and fingers on the key board or paper. We have to picture the characters, places we invent, and see the action taking place in our mind to get it right.

Where do you dream at? Don’t tell me that you never dream. You might not know it but dreams are a place where your controlled mind can escape and think of what if? It might dream of a better life, doing something you never did before or even fantasize about your soul mate and where to find them but you do dream just never noticed or recalled.

Talk back, I’m listening and have a great day.


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