A Writer’s prerogative to change

dd785-lit2bcut Most writers feel that their books needs changing even after editing. I am one of those. Do you think it is right to go back and change something even after it is published knowing the reader will get confused if one bought the original and another bought the revised edition. Chances are they will not know it unless they are in the same circle and start discussing the book. For almost twenty years I spent writing and rewriting the original Lightning in the Tunnel series. Still, when I published it, I was not happy with it. It started out three books and ended up being ten. Now that I am off writing a western, this is my third rewrite of the story, for some reason the first series came to mind and I was thinking about what I didn’t like about it. My wife pointed out that it was not totally realistic in one aspect. A bunch of women would never get along and share one man. That was the center piece of the story besides having to survive in a post nuclear world. I guess I need to go back once again but I am hesitate to do so again. I’ll keep on working on Saddle Spur and feature “Wildoats” his horse more who has become the co-star of the book.

Does any other writer agree or disagree with me on changing a book after it is published?

Talk back, I’m listening.


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