The new America

As the reality of the new America sinks in, I’m back to writing and reading again.

It is hard to believe the results of our election but having to choose the lesser of two evils, the American people wanted a change. Any change would do in their minds. I hope we don’t live to regret it. My first books were the apocalyptic series called “Lightning in the Tunnel” I just hope our new President doesn’t make it come true. Drop by Amazon and check it out called “Lightning in the Tunnel- in the Beginning” for those wishing to see what would happen when the President pushes that nuclear button.

Now, I can concentrate on writing again instead of the election. It has side track me on several occasions. I should be able now to finish “Saddle Spur” and get it ready for editing. It took me almost three hundred rewrites to get my first series into print. Saddle Spur will only take me twenty rewrites, so I must be getting better or under the illusion that I am. LOL

Talk back, I’m listening. How many rewrites did it take you? Have a great day and pray for World peace and harmony.

4 thoughts on “The new America

  1. I am slowly recovering from the early stages of grief myself: cycling through shock, depression & anger — and, after almost a week “off,” I am finally moving slowly forward once again. I doubt that I will ever reach the point of positive acceptance, however – I am afraid that I will be waiting for shoes to drop for the next four years (or to be banged on tables ala days of Khrushchev).

    I pray that we all survive and that America will eventually be able to recover from the inundation of votes in anger — electing a billionaire claiming to be “the people’s candidate,” focusing on little else beyond a strong desire for CHANGE, no matter what. My latest blog offering is set to post Wednesday at a minute after midnight eastern [Can You Hear Them NOW?], beginning with my last bit of reaction before moving ON.

    I write brain-based self-help (non-fiction), and edit as I write, revisiting yesterday’s brain-dump upon each coffee-fueled awakening, incorporating my latest research, cutting and pasting as I clean up the prose.

    I have no IDEA how to translate my process into a useful answer to your “how many” question. LOTS – although it might not seem so toward the end of the day.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    • I crossed my fingers after the first interview with the President elect and hope he continues to move in the right direction but it doesn’t look like he will.

      • Nope – I read between the lines of his “first 100 days” agenda and, although I don’t agree with points and it *appears* to be reasonable, I am especially worried by the subtle language referring to how he plans to close our borders – “carefully vetting” incoming and outgoing travel to and from various regions. History buffs are thinking along with me: STEP ONE?

        And THEN I read his science-ignorant *opinion* about vaccinations and my hair stood on end.

        In the next four years he could actually bring back the devastation of polio, meningitis, measles & mumps epidemics – and more – if he scares enough parents into foregoing vaccinations with his rabble-rousing misinformation (and we’ve already seen that almost half the people in America do NOT fact-check).

        Even if he doesn’t care about the lives he is putting at risk OR the cost of RE-re-redoing the studies involved, the back-end public health care costs alone will bankrupt the country if only ONE of these former killers hits hard.

        The data is readily available – both economic and scientific. Is NOBODY advising this guy – or has he already decided that nobody tells him what to do?

        Say what *anybody* will about Obama, the man was broadly EDUCATED and science-aware. I miss him already. Trump seems to know most about how to line his personal pockets. Period.

        GOD HELP US ALL!

  2. So much of the election process was spent just attacking everything and spreading lies that no one really knew what they were voting for, they were just against and wanted change. Now, thye will have to wake up and learn the real Donald Trump.

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