A Sad Commentary on American History

Those who write history usually only had the side that paints them into the good. What we did to the Indians was shameful and we covered it up by lies. An eye opening book for all Americans.

Marcha's Two-Cents Worth


Anyone who thinks they know American history needs to read this book. Those who don’t understand why the white men are hated also need to read it. In a nutshell, it’s a testimonial of exploitation, lies, and aggression, which has been the norm on the part of supposed “civilized” nations for millennia. Seeing indigenous people as inferior, savages, and uncivilized based on their lifestyle and thus treating them no better than animals has a sordid and long history.

This book chronicles the treatment of the Indigenous Americans from the first contact by the Pilgrims in the 1600s through the 20th century. The lies and aggression are nothing short of shameful and an embarrassment to any honest person. Those of us who grew up playing “cowboys and Indians” and watching similar TV shows were not seeing things as they really are.

In most cases, the Indigenous Americans only wanted peace. Some…

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Good night Romeo/Juliet

Little memories-

Years ago when my wife and I first met, like most we dated for awhile. I had the habit of putting my right arm around her waist while she placed hers around my waist. Anyway, around the corner from my apartment was the place we met. We would walk home each night stopping at the liquor store on the corner. The young men that owned and ran the store didn’t know our names but we were there just about every night on our way back home after a couple of drinks. One day, my soon to be wife went inside and they asked where is Romeo? She told them I was at work and laughed about me being called ‘Romeo’. A week or so later, I went into the same store and they asked where Juliet was? My answer was she was working. Every time we went into the liquor store together they would say, “Hi, Romeo and Juliet” wearing a big smile. We never told them our names, we sort of liked being called that because we were in love. After we got married, the last thing we say to each other each night still is these words. “Good night Romeo, I’ll see you in the morning light” Good night Juliet, I will see you in the morning light” It is so strange that we have done this for almost twenty years without fail unless we are apart for some reason. Even when we have a little spat, those words are still said.  When we walk, we are still holding each other like young lovers because we are still so much in love. Even though I’m tall and she is less than 5’5; we have the same stride. Have yourself a great day! Talk back. I’m listening for every little sound.

Just dropped by

For some reason this year blogging is just not my thing to do daily anymore. I spend a lot of time rewriting some of my old books and writing new ones. They are in editing and may someday make their way to you. The rest of my time is spent doing volunteer work at the Eagles, “People helping People” where as being President for a couple of years now I guess I’m going to run for a third year at my local chapter #3455. This will not slow down my writing since I am retired now. Not working a regular job that is.  Now back to my writing. I am just about finished rewriting my book “T.T. Gristman/Time Traveler”. My first western “Saddle Spur” was not finished editing in time for Christmas last year but should be out by fall if I get off my ass and push the editor to get it edited. Since I was concentrating on the rewrite, my editor has pushed it to the back burner. There is so many books coming out in print that I haven’t had the heart to push. It is hard to believe how many books are published each day. Sometimes I feel I’m drowning in a tidal wave of competition by not pushing my books. I took several out of print; you may have noticed. One was because I didn’t like the publisher and planning on rewriting them before publishing them myself. If you went to my Amazon page you will notice they are not available anymore. I have to level with you, my first books were not as good as they could be, I concentrated on telling the story and not on showing the story. Some people like it but most did not. For speed readers they were great, they could zip right thru them and not lose the story line but for the regular reader that wants to get drawn into the story, they suck. I will try to blog more often but the elections at the Eagles are in four weeks from now, if elected it will cut back my time somewhat more. Anyway, Talk Back. I’ll try to listen. Have a great day!

Time to reevaluate my earlier work

There comes a time in every unknown writers life that they must reassess their earlier writing. When I first started writing, I thought it was more important to tell the story. That was why my earlier books didn’t sell well along with paying for editing that was shit work. I didn’t know any better and kept cranking out books trying to tell the whole story on Lightning in the Tunnel series. So I took a deep breath after re-reading the series and withdrew them from the market. So unless the bookstore has a copy of Lightning in the Tunnel-In the Beginning, Zigzagging Home, the Journey Continues, A place Called Terra, and Terra Reigns you are out of luck at getting one. I plan to rewrite the first one because I believe it would be a great read with proper editing and writing with the skills I have acquired to make it better. I wrote the first one over a twenty year period but I didn’t know what an author had to do to get it published. I rewrote it just before having it paid to be published. Still I was no writer and paying for an expensive editor did not do my book justice. The first thing that caught my attention making me re-read it was the first paragraph was two pages long and you couldn’t tell where the characters were talking and where I was telling the story. I didn’t re-read it just before publishing because I listened to it on an audio version and it sounded right (my fault). Between Blogging and Reviewing others books. I believe I have learned to write where it will catch the reader’s attention and hold it through out the book. I’m currently re-reading other books on mine and will revise them in time. Since I can’t stop writing it will be a slow process but I plan to rewrite the first time travel story called “T.T. Gristman” and a Stranger Comes Crawling” my first alien story. I don’t know if other unknowns writers go thru this in their career but I reached the point where I didn’t like my earlier books even those with a good story. Talk back; I’m listening as always. Have a great day!   

Iron Hearts Excerpt for your enjoyment

Iron Hearts is my latest work of fiction about a young man that loses both his parents shortly before his eighteenth birthday. He discovers soon after they weren’t the nice parents he thought they were.

C.J. (Claude James) Bullet was sitting on the porch with his sister, Mandy (that he never knew he had) at their father’s cabin in rocking chairs. This was their first time going fishing together. Younger brother Robbie *Robert Bullet Junior) was inside playing video games, leaving them alone to talk. Even though Mandy was underage it was clear that their father (Robert Bullet) and Mandy had sat out here drinking sherry before. She poured herself and CJ a glass of sherry so they could sit and talk.

I didn’t much care for the taste of the sherry but I politely continued to sip, pausing only to ask. “What did you and Dad mainly talk about?” She took a big swig before answering.

 “Mostly, we talked about life and people. My Aunt Carmen got us on an interesting discussion. I think I will share it with you. Dad said, ‘Most people have iron hearts, tempered by life’s events. Some people have steel hearts that nothing can penetrate, not even emotions such as love. Some of those with iron hearts build a steel shield around their hearts that is almost as impenetrable. That is to keep from anyone hurting them. He said you are one of those that built a shield around your heart. Nothing could penetrate except for football, not even love.” I could tell by her face she was very serious.

“I know I was so blind. I never realized that my father never stayed home because he had another family that loved him. He only married my mother to change her last name because she was in trouble. I don’t think he ever loved her but felt he owed his life to her.” I didn’t realize that between words I was doing more than sipping. The sherry was starting to taste good.

Look for IronHearts to be in a book store next fall or early winter. Between then and now I will get a book cover for it and continue to post excerpts for your enjoyment. Hope you liked it. Talk back, I’m listening as always. Have a great day!


Great book after corrections. A.G.Moye

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Rode Front Cover

I’ve republished The Rode to Justice (John Rode, 1st-grade detective, murder stories) Kindle book. I have put the book ‘UNJUSTIFIED’ after I got a review on Amazon. As you can see, the reviewer said he would have given it a five-star review instead of a four-star review, if it was not for the wide spacing.

‘I gave this four stars in my review. KJ tells a story from a 51-year-old* detective’s point of view. I found it very interesting and engaging even though the story was several bundled into one with common thread of the Homicide Detective daily life in New York city. You can imagine how busy he was there. His young female partner, he tries to protect and nurture her abilities at the same time. With a little work this could easily become a five star book but needs a little work especially on spacing. There are sudden…

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Two Worlds

Unless you are rich, we are all like that unwanted house guest.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I watched one of those tourism videos about the place I live, the quaint shops, the famous people who visit, the history, the beauty all around us, and while all these things are true, my cynicism soon began to kick in and I so wanted to make a video of my own. The other side of the story, the wrong side of the tracks, what life is actually like for 80% of the people struggling to survive here.

Everybody has these videos, right? The one’s that say come visit us, come to paradise……bring your money.  We’ve been busy gentrifying the area for some time now, so people see the facade, the fun, the retirement potential, this thin veneer laid over the truth and reality of most people’s lives that I so want to poke big holes in.

I question my own motives sometimes, I wonder why this all matters to…

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It’s so sad!

59e15-dec2b30252c2b20142b11253a51253a342bamToday I learnt that one of my biggest fans passed away suddenly. I met him at a bike rally. I wasn’t in it but at one of their stops passing through our little town, I had set up a book signing at the tavern. “Tommy Deans” he bought the first book in my Lightning in the Tunnel series and I signed it for him. The next week he returned and wanted the next books in the series. Doug loved the first book and was an avid reader. He bought the rest of the series that were written and couldn’t wait until the next book was published. I would call him or he would call me upon learning another book was published. A year earlier, his wife Sherry battled Breast cancer and was on her way to recovery. Doug and I the last time we saw each other discussed possible endings of the series, he tried to guess which way I would go. He died suddenly before the book was actually published. It is still in editing. His wife told me that she wanted to get that book for the collection he had going. She told me that Doug complained of aches and pains, they thought it was arthritis in his body. It turned out to be cancer. At least he didn’t suffer long, he went in thirty days. God speed Doug until we meet again.