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How About We Share?

We’ve grown so fast that many new followers may not be aware of the purpose of this blog, and many older ones might need to be reminded. Think of The Write Stuff as the corner pub or the Algonquin round table, only MUUUUCH bigger. This is where writers touch base with other writers, to share news and resources, ask questions, and offer encouragement. It’s YOUR blog, as much as mine.

To make it easier, here’s a list of some of the things you are encouraged to share here:

  1. New releases
  2. Promotions and sales
  3. Guest posts/interviews on other blogs
  4. New websites you’ve found that are helpful to writers
  5. Ideas/tips for self-marketing, especially if you’ve tried & have results to pass along
  6. Reviews (now and then) that you are really proud of, especially if they are in conjunction with a promo
  7. Publications/websites you think others will enjoy or learn from

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Cherished blogfest post-my cherish

 It took me a long time to find my Cherished item. My real most cherished item is my wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren so I had to select something after agreeing to do the Cherish Blogfest 2016.

My wife discovered during the winter that she had talents she never knew. Normally she does not have the patience to create something. It was tedious work but she found her abilities and patience to do this. She started with old horseshoes, cleaned them up and then painted them. Some black, some silver. Using leather she attached all the beads and feathers creating a beautiful wall ornament. In the center is our last name made from wooden blocks. To me it is something special she created for us.

I showed two views, the top one is trying to show the entire item with a slight close up in the second picture to see more of the details. Thank you for dropping by my blog and you can follow me if you wish. I normally follow the sites I visit.

 Drop by and visit other blogs taking part in this blogfest. I am sure they will enjoy having your company.

I guess they won’t exchange the gifts that you were meant to keep

A writer’s life is never understood, envy by many sought by many as each seeks to find the reason they must write. A.G.


My talent for writing has done me very little good in my life.

It’s sad, but it’s true.  People have told me that they have gotten a lot of pleasure out of my writing, and that makes me happy to hear, but the fact is that I haven’t gotten much pleasure from it.

When I’m doing it the process feels… necessary.  I wouldn’t call it pleasurable, in the sense that playing in the water or eating good food is pleasurable.  It’s more like the satisfaction that comes from fixing  a broken machine.  It feels good to have done it, to have solved a particular sequence of words.  But the work… it’s work.  It’s often frustrating and always difficult.

The finished product hasn’t brought me much joy, either.  And I don’t just mean financially, although it’s true that I haven’t made any real money.  I mean interpersonally. People like my work–some…

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State of Confusion

f5c9c-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bam I’m like a lot of people right now in a state of confusion over the mass killings going on right now. I support the right to bear arms yet I would like to see methods in place to prevent these mass killings by deranged people. The state has made me unable to concentrate on writing my books “Saddle Spur” and “IronHearts” because I spend so much time on social media and world events it is difficult to concentrate on writing. I was sadden when politics broke short the life of the female Great Britain PM leaving behind two small children. People should allow others to disagree with them and not resort to violence against those that do not see things their way. Violence has never solved a problem, the only real way is respectably sit down and meet on mutual terms, agreeing where you can and allow the other to disagree. After all, we are all human and share this planet. Maybe because I am an American, I know we can reach a compromise, that is the human solution.

The European Union was a grand experiment just as the American Republic was over two hundred years ago. It was designed to bring together those that spoke different languages, had different views on how to do things. Trying to make wars unnecessary between them and find common ground for the advancement of their citizens. Like all experiments, there will be stutter steps and necessary direction corrections. Great Britain will vote on June 23 whether to leave the Union or stay. Recent attacks in Paris and other places has had a dampening effect on citizens feeling safe and hence the vote.

America being in an election year has become more divided politically trying to decide which direction to go. One candidate wants to retreat to the past stripping certain groups of their rights. The other candidate wants to keep the status quo but has a lot of baggage and may be not be electable in many American’s eyes. This is the sad state of American politics.

Thanks for listening to my rants, maybe the world will calm down in time and talk out their differences instead of using bullets to solve them. Talk back, I’m listening.

Sorry about my absence

73825-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bam I just realized that I haven’t been posting on my WordPress site in a long time. I have been following the post of over six hundred I follow on wordpress but have been concentrating on my other blog at http://booksbyagmoye.blogspot.com, where I recently ran posts about my main character in the Chronicles of the Marauder (Marauder Rising), Neil Armstrong Andrews.

8445385637_fc199b1951_z I didn’t quite finish the write up with only three of the four posts published. The American election has me sidetracked and running a series called, “America under President Trump” I started it off describing how Trump won the Presidency, if anyone wishes to read it drop by my other site. Tomorrow I will be posting on it what to expect when he takes office in January, 2017. This issue will deal with Trump’s handling of Muslims and immigrants along with a piece on how he will handle his daily press briefings. I know politics might not be your cup of tea, especially those living in other countries. That is why I am not about to post this series on both of my sites. I will keep the politics on my other site and use this one to post about books and other things, after all “There is more to life than politics”

During all this, I still writing and editing “Saddle Spurs” along with “IronHearts”. Hopefully they both will be out later this year.

Talk Back, I’m listening to what you have to say about this or any other post.

I decided to give an Amazon countdown a shot

I decided to do a countdown deal on Amazon but I did not have it drop all the way to 99 cents but did drop it for eighty hours down to $1.99 and after eighty hours it goes up to $2.99 before returning after eighty more hours back to its regular price of $3.99. I didn’t  want to cheapen my book by dropping it all down to less than a dollar. The countdown started yesterday and will run through April 12, 2016.  You can find it at this link: http://www.amazon.com/Lightning-Tunnel-In-Beginning-Book-ebook/dp/B017PL35Y4/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0QEBZD5M22PY4FMB2EC4  Of course those on Amazon Prime can downloaded it for free.

The first time I did place a book for 99 cents or less. I had over two hundred downloads on the first day but have not sold that one since then. So I bought into on LinkedIn writer saying that if you do so, it cheapens your work and when you do put the price back, most won’t pay that price waiting on you to lower your price. Another item, I only got two reviews on that book from all those I gave away.

Thanks, talk back, I’m listening. ALWAYS!

Why I wrote my first series.

lightningintunnelnew Some of you may already know, but I was just a teenager when my mother remarried and moved us to California. Leaving the small town I grew up in, (less than 3,000 residents) and moving to Los Angeles was one helluva culture shock for this country grown boy. From the females introducing themselves, to the size of the city, it was a great adjustment. I personally witnessed the Watts riots and the turmoil that accompanied it. The fear that spread to the surrounding areas would spill over into our communities. I witnessed several business owners taking their weapons to protect their property, but lucky for everyone, it was contained in Watts. Over the years, I witnessed more riots including the East LA riots where the Hispanic community exploded. Up to that point I only wrote mysteries, but the last riot made me think. What if a real catastrophic event hit Los Angeles and the authorities were unable to rush in and keep things under control. There had been many stories about earthquakes, but I knew when they occurred it would not be total collapse because outside services would rush in and stabilize the situation. It had to be an event where others were occupied, unable to respond. I picked a nuclear war as the backdrop of my story. With the armed forces occupied fighting a war and protecting the home land, they would not concern themselves with activities in one big city that was nuked. So that was the side story. Next I had to create my main character, which I did by creating Brad Phillips, a handsome man and a survivalist that makes the story more believable. His beautiful sexy wife, Vicki and their three children, Cindi (17) Brian (16) and Brad junior (9). A perfectly normal family that starts to become dysfunctional when Brian joins a neo-nazi type group, dumping his old friends and making new friends. Brian is extremely jealous of his perfect older sister and starts to hate her. His willingness to do his sister harm becomes part of the story. As an added part of the story I had Brad and Vicki trying to survive in different locations. They, with their neighbor Phil, built a bomb shelter on their property lines planning to survive there, but like all plans, it didn’t occur when they expected. The story centers around Brad and Vicki, but being in different places, they each had their own problems. As an added twist, I had Brad surviving alone with a sexy, partime  actress, Michele Davies. To add to Brad’s woes, she was falling for him. So there you have it. I will write more in a day or two, I didn’t want to make this post too long. The picture on this post is the cover of the first story of this series.

Talk back, I’m listening as always. Have a great day.