Back in the blogging saddle, again



After doing other things like rebuilding my hayloft converting it into a guest room, I have decided to get back to blogging and writing. I am sure no one missed me except those waiting for me to post reviews which I will start doing so in the morning. I limited myself to one hour a day while I was installing the new door and windows in the hayloft along with repairing the floor. There is still work to be done out there but I have neglected my blog followers along authors awaiting reviews. I have one commitment that I must do and that is tweet selected authors on Rave Review Book Club as part of my membership requirements along with supporting other authors in the club. I don’t know how the selection is made for #PUSHTUESDAY or #PUSHWEEK but eventually I will learn, (like most in the club). I know I have a commitment in a blog tour of having a review ready to post for Teddy Rose through  Virtual Author Book Tour for author Denise R. Stephenson and her book, Isolation. The tour starts the sixteenth of June so I have plenty of time, I hope!

Sorry about the rambling but I am tired after working outside all day. Talk back I’m Listening to see if I hear a heartbeat out there!