Happy Birthday to The Story Reading Ape!

Happy Birthday, Chris. Just think, you arrived in time to be a tax deduction! LOL

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When I discovered it was Chris Graham’s (aka Chris The Story Reading Ape) Birthday today, a simple greeting from me on Facebook just wouldn’t suffice! I knew I had to make my wishes that much more special, because this isn’t any ordinary Ape, you know! Chris has been a terrific support to me and many other Authors and Bloggers in the Internet-o-shpere, so I wanted to be sure he knew exactly how much I appreciate all that he does.

So I recruited the help of Snowy, one of the gardeners who works for Dennis, to help me make this video for you, Chris (or Mr. Ape, as I like to call you) and am sending Big Birthday Greetings your way and all the best from Bequia for the New Year!

A Bunch of Birthday Bananas from #Bequia!

Also, in lieu of the usual singing of “Happy Birthday to You”…

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Puzzled Reflections

Like most people, as the year ends I look back on what occurred in the past year. On my writing, I feel it was a good productive year even though I only published one book in 2014. I have three books in editing right now and speaking of editing, I learned the hard way that going with the least expensive editor does not always work. I am having to re-edit Chronicles because of comments made to me. No problems with formatting but one thing is clear. After being edited, you should not just skim through the book after editing but read it like it was the first time you picked up the book to see if the story is like you wrote it.

On blogging, it was a great year. I found hosting blog tours was one way to get the word out about my blog, that was why you saw so many blog tours toward the end of the year that I was part of. Author interviews was another hit along with their book introductions to my followers. So you guessed it, I will be hosting a lot of ours in blog tours besides being a guest on other blogs. Already I have been  agreed to several interviews.

Reviewing, being a reviewer has introduced me to a lot of authors and their works. Not surprising I found several good books most notably was the Harvest and Isolation. My picks for the top books read in 2014. Hopefully the writers of these stories will become household names as people like me read their works for the first time. I have a long list of books still to review, I have read a couple already and will review them between guest posts.

Have a great New year, don’t celebrate too much but celebrate safely. Talk back, I’m listening!

HOW to get promotion for yourself and your book …

Follow up to another recent re-blog. Authors take note!

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Two days ago I wrote a blog post that proved to be the most popular, in terms of reach and reaction, of any I’ve ever written! Thanks to everyone who read, liked, shared, reblogged, followed my blog, and commented on it. I guess I hit a nerve with the topic of authors behaving badly and how to avoid becoming one. It seems this kind of behaviour is definitely prevalent and a problem on social media, because so many of you agreed with me and my guests who also offered quotes on experiences they’d had dealing with these self-centred authors.

I took a negative tact on that last post, because it’s a fun angle to come from with this kind of list, and I’ve had success with that approach in the past. It also allows me to write in a humorous and sarcastic voice – which I hope was the voice…

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How NOT to get promotion for yourself and your book …

Story Ape suggested this article was better than his, so here it is reblogged

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So, you’ve written and published a book. Congratulations! Good for you!

And welcome to the club … I have some sobering news, though. You are not the first, nor will you be the last, to write and publish a book – TODAY! So far this year, 2,396,061 books have been published, worldwide. How do you expect its possible for any one book to compete with numbers like that when searching for interested readers, not to mention buyers with money to spend? And how can any one author ever suppose their newly published book is better or more important than those other 2 million+ books, so much better that one author can expect readers, bloggers and reviewers to fall all over themselves in an attempt to help promote and publicize said book?

Many of these delusional, self-centred authors do exist, unfortunately … so many, in fact, that I feel the…

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AUTHORS Don’t be TWITS when TWEETING and making Online ‘Friends’!

Very nice article, well put.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

As someone who makes online contact with authors on a daily basis, there are a few things that actually IRK me (not a pretty sight), so please excuse me while I arrange this soapbox more comfortably and elaborate further.

These irk-making issues are not unique to me and have been expressed by many people – including many non-irk making authors – so unless you want to LOSE potential readers, fans and friends, you need to STOP doing the following IMMEDIATELY on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Goodreads, Shefari, Librarything, et al:

Making your first contact with the immortal words:

Get my books at ***************

LIKE my FB Page at ***************

Follow my Website / blog at ***************

And similar well meant (?), but self-centred sayings!!!!!

Think about it for a few moments – WHY did this person start Following / Liking / Send you a Friend / Connection Request?

Is it…

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