Cover ready, Book Not!

My latest book has the cover ready to go but my editor is sick and unable to do the final edit of Sasha: A beam of light. I don’t know if it was my writing that made her sick or did I pass through the internet connections my flu bug? It seems like anything is possible these days so I wouldn’t be surprised if she caught it from me. LOL. In the meantime, I am back to writing on my two books in the works right now, Jody’s Dilemma and IronHeart. I was focusing on Jody more but last night and today my mind wants to work on IronHeart. Maybe because it is my first attempt at writing in the first person that I am having so much difficulty in writing it. At the pace I am going, it will take all year to write it which is not normal for me. Do you find it is harder writing in the first person? I am sure whenever it is finally done, my editor will have a field day trying to make it flow write and removing the excessive garbage from it. Here is another look at Sasha’s cover. 

Talk back I’m listening!

In Final editing!

I have been very sick and unable to post anything for several days but I am now recovered enough to do something. Last night I submitted “Sasha; a beam of light” back to my editor after making her suggested changes. Now wait on her response, she hopes to have it done by the weekend. That would be nice making it my first publication of 2014. I have not stopped writing other books while my other books are in editing. Still to edited is Chronicles of the Marauder book three and Lightning Rages, I will get them edited when I have the money to do so. Editing is not cheap and if you don’t do it the books don’t sell so if you plan on publishing make sure you have a good editor. Hopefully, one that you can afford even though they might not be the best, they will make your book salable. I am currently working on Jody’s Dilemma mainly and IronHeart when the mood strikes me. 

For those that never heard of Sasha, it is a story about a young woman that finds herself cast out of her body into the space while her body remains forever frozen in a glass tomb. Guided by a little green devil looking creature that provides her with a tiny sail craft to travel in along with teaching her how to be immortal as nothing but a beam of light. Any planet that she passes, she soon discovers she can take on the life form of anything just deceased breaking life back to the form. Follow her in her various adventures in her travels through light.Image Talk back, I’m listening even if my ears are still plugged up with congestion. 

Is over tweeting driving your followers crazy or away?

Over tweeting can cost you followers!


I learned the hard way that over tweeting to your followers can drive them away especially writers. As part of a competition it was required that we tweet  several times a day over 165 tweets each time. Several of the contestants ending up in twitter jail for violating their tweet rules of so many per hour and so many per day. Today, seeing my followers decreasing again, I made the decision to do it only once per day and only the forty finalist, not everyone. I was glad my book made it to the finals but now feel it is time to move on. I am seven books or more behind in reviewing so expect me to post reviews just about each day next week or as fast as I can read the books then post my review. I do not believe in skimming through the book then throwing together a hasty review. So Talk Back, I’m Listening

Welcome to M.A.R.Social

A lot of authors (Writers) enter contests trying to get their name out and the name of the books trying to find readers also to be able to brag about winning with the hope that everyone would buy their book because it is a winner. I am a finalist in a unique contest where winning is not the most important thing but supporting other writers and making friends is the most important criteria of the contest. It is an International even with writers entering their book excerpts from all over the world. Since it is an international contest in English that was one of the limiting aspects. 

What makes this unique is everyone is tweeting and posting on various sites such as Google plus, LinkedIn,  GoodReads, Tumbler, along with Facebook each others excerpts giving world wide publicity to each of the 170 excerpt entries. It has been narrowed down now to the finalist with the winners and twenty runners up being named on February 1, 2014. The contest I am speaking of is on called the Author of the year contest. The grand winner will have their book made into a movie. So drop by and give a little support to everyone. Here is a copy of my entry tweet, you can drop by and read the whole excerpt if you desire. 

#MARSocial #Author of Year #Finalist #RT A Stranger Comes Crawling by @Agmoye#FoxNEWS #AMAZON #NYTimes…

Talk back, I’m ListeningImage

Sasha, my latest book

My latest book to be published by the end of January, 2014. It is a story of a young woman that gets bewitched as a punishment for leading a rebellion against against an Emperor on a distant planet in another galaxy. Her body is placed in suspended animation, as her spirit is expelled from her home world. While her spirit is floating in space, she meets up with a tiny green devil with wings, that provide her with a tiny sail craft to travel between planets. She, along with his aid, learns to assume the body of a living thing or person that just died, bringing it back to life and repairing it. She becomes a spider, Vampire, a horse, a male medival knight, and lastly a witch. I know you cannot wait to read it and I will provide the links as soon as it is available. Image Talk Back, I’m Listening!


It seems everything is piled up and I don’t know where to start since returning from the funeral of my sister. I know I owe several people book reviews and haven’t found time to read them before I can review them. I am also struggling with motivation do get started. Anyone have any suggestions on getting back into the groove? Most understand why I haven’t done them but they sound disappointed that I haven’t jumped right on them when I got back but my lack of focus stops me from reading. I just want to sit and write my books. What is a person to do? Image Life goes on but I don’t know where to start.

When the unexpected occurs!

Unexpected things in life


The sudden unexpected death of my younger sister from natural causes put my world in a tailspin along with me going on the road for the services. I am back now trying to pick up the pieces where I dropped them when I left. Losing someone you were close to just before the holidays does not make for a very good holiday. my sister and I talked just about everyday after my morning walk, so it seems strange sitting down at the computer without talking to her first. 

As a author, I join many sites trying to spread the word to all the readers out there and try to interest them in my books but when I joined I found a unique group. Normally, when you enter a contest like their Author of the Year competition, it is a dog eat dog world where everyone is out to beat out the other writers to claim the top prize. Not in this contest, everyone tweets excerpts from everyone elses’ entry to TV channels, followers, radio stations, other social media and newspapers. It is so unique having strangers become friends while helping you out by spreading your brand out to everyone they can. This contest is not about winning but about letting the readers of the world know you are out there. We, Authors are all winners that way. So all you writers out there, drop by and join in, it is a lot of fun and you will make a lot of friends while doing so.  

I will catch up on reviews and interviews next week. I know I am behind from not being on my PC for ten days. If I owe you a review, I will try to catch up this weekend and surely by next week’s blog!
Talk back, I’m listening!  Have a great new year!