When do you un-follow on twitter?

ImageI usually do so after a couple of weeks of anyone not following me back. Since I follow back anyone that originally follows me, I feel they should do the same. Why should I read tweets from them if they are not reading mine. That is my philosophy on that. I know some have a program to automatically un-follow someone that does not follow them but I prefer to do it the old fashion way, I know it is more time consuming doing it this way but I like doing it by hand so I can look at once again what these people including have on their sites. As the list grows and hopefully yours does, you tend to forget what some of them are offering. Such as book cover designers. I will be in the market for them in a few months. Right now, I am going through each of my published books with a fine tooth comb with my fabulous editing team, then I will republish my books with new exciting covers. All those I self published, the others will have to wait until my contract runs out. Getting back to twitter, I don’t understand why or how some people have thousands of followers yet fllows only one to two. I guess their shit don’t stink?  Talk back, I’m listening.   

Six more things I’ve learned as a published author

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Ok – here’s a second blog post about things I’ve learned since my book was published. I thought these posts worth doing because quite a lot things have come as a big surprise to me! I didn’t really know what to expect, except the unexpected, and I haven’t been disappointed. You can read five things I’ve learned since my book was published here. Now here’s a few more.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe community of writers, and readers, is remarkably strong.

I’ve been delighted by this – I really didn’t expect the warmth and sense of community I’ve found since my book came out from people online and on social media. People are only happy to offer a kind word, advice or simply support when you are negotiating the sometimes baffling world of letting people know about your book. This is something which runs through Twitter, Facebook and through the comments you get…

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Chronicles of the Marauder- editing

ImageSome may ask, Why they haven’t heard much about this lately and the answer is simple. After paying for an editor, the book still had too many mistakes for me to push it any longer.I have not pulled it from the market but I am working as part of a team to edit it right and make it the book I intended it to be. A great adventure series filled with emotions, danger and close calls while facing the problems that will occur when you mix humans and all their emotions with aliens that have totally different emotions or none at all being members of the crew. Using an editing team instead of just one editor is expensive but I feel the series deserves the best editing it can get.Hopefully, I will be uploading the re-edited, edited book one in another month. Until then, over look some of the glaring errors and enjoy the series. If you can’t then wait, it will be out! Have a nice day and Talk back, I’m listening. 

James McAllister- “The Universe”

One of my fellow members on Marsocial.com

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement group's Blog

James McAllister is the groups Science fiction Artist. James anchors the Science fiction blog and welcomes readers and other authors to participate through posting stories or author pages whichever is applicable.

http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementscifi.wordpress.com/ http://marsocialauthorbusinessenhancementscifi.wordpress.com/

http://www.amazon.com/James-McAllister/e/B00DA1ZSFI/ http://www.amazon.com/James-McAllister/e/B00DA1ZSFI/

James Warren McAllister is a Registered Respiratory Therapist living in Central New York State. James’ first novel, THE BEST LAID PLANS, was selected on February 1, 2014 as a Runner-Up in the MARSocial Author of the Year Competition, the largest competition of it’s type ever held on the internet.
James’ work takes him all over; he has been to 43 States, along with Bermuda, Canada, and Puerto Rico. James’ other interests include sports, history, computers, photography, Jordan The Wonder Cat, gardening, fishing, and scale model building.
James has been interested in science fiction since a friend in Junior High School lent him the Lensmen Series of books by E. E. “Doc” Smith. This interest was further spiked…

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Saturday’s Selection- “Blood Lust” by Xao Thao

A very exciting author!

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement group's Blog

Marisa and her three brothers: Alessander, Demetri, and Ra'vin Arromanovokzja, have been called home to the Carpathians by their mother, the queen of the Zjavankas and head of the Council, an elite group of vampires that govern the world. Marisa, however, has a secret. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20980700-blood-lust Marisa and her three brothers: Alessander, Demetri, and Ra’vin Arromanovokzja, have been called home to the Carpathians by their mother, the queen of the Zjavankas and head of the Council, an elite group of vampires that govern the world. Marisa, however, has a secret.

Xao Thao is the author with today’s “Book of the Day”. Today, Xao, pronounced “Chow”, has a second posting on “Coleman and Big Ed’s Reader’s Corner” with her new book “Blood Lust”. This post is a little different than others in the past as it primarily reviews the author. Maybe it should be “Author of the Day, but alas not.

Xao is a young author I am acquainted with through the author community. She is a very generous peer promoter and an energetic author. While socializing she takes time to promote her work and write. You may join The Turning Vampire Series Official Facebook Page

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My review of a darn good book!

My review of African Me and Satellite TV


Review of African Me and Satellite TV. Normally not my kind of reading material, I soon found myself caught up in the story of Suzette Herzog, a white woman in Africa.

This is a story that will tug at your heart and make you question yourself on how you view others not of your skin color. The story starts with her withdrawn within herself. She refuses to see or think about what is going on in Africa. Being an african minority, events cause her to emerge from the white superior mentality of other whites. She views the darker skinned natives as her equal, not judging them based solely on color. Circumstances finally draws the timid, frightened Suzette, into the real world finding she has the courage to speak the truth. This alienates her, from her own family that viewed the dark skinned people inferior to the white race. Some of the whites attempt to kill her for saying everyone was equal.

 Anyway, this story will have you smiling, crying and understanding what it is like to be a minority, even if you are white.

The Main Character is as I mentioned, Suzette Herzog, a married, motherless painter that for several years was withdrawn into herself, blinding her mind to all the events going on in her life and world. Her husband and her become like strangers sharing the same house until the scared, timid woman faces events that force her to emerge from her shell because of her concern for others.

Princess- loyal cook and housekeeper, becomes family after so many years of living with the Herzog’s. Princess knew what life was really like outside the home, doing her best to shield Suzette from the ravages of others until she emerges from her shell. 

Christopher- the silent, mild mannered gardener that also hid in a shell because of events in his life. Suzette’s emergence from her shell led him to emerge as well and they become good friends. She finds an intelligent person that hid for years, hiding behind a simpleton shield. 

Once you start reading this, you will see why I found this story so compelling. You can buy it at this link. http://www.amazon.com/African-Me-Satellite-TV-Robinson-ebook/dp/B00F5640UK/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1394209842&sr=1-1&keywords=Africa%2C+Me+and+Satellite+TV

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The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind

Reading this, I agree with most of his points and though I never followed his trial. The death penalty is not right for anyone. If they are truly a menace to society keep them locked up for life.

No Time to Think

I AWOKE this morning to this email from a friend across the pond. Some one hour later I was still wiping tears from my eyes. It is the single most powerful piece of writing I have read for a very long while.
To help give it as much coverage as possible I am republishing, with permission, on No Time To Think.

Texas death row inmate Ray Jasper is scheduled to be put to death on 19 March. He has written us a letter that, he acknowledges, “could be my final statement on Earth.”
Ray Jasper was convicted of participating in the 1998 robbery and murder of recording studio owner David Alejandro. A teenager at the time of the crime, Jasper was sentenced to death. He wrote to us once before, as part of our Letters from Death Row series. That letter was remarkable for its calmness, clarity, and insight into…

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