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Shirley Harris-Slaughter

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A Day in the Life of a Rave Reviews Book Club Member!

It generally starts out like most ordinary days and then something special happens. I woke up this morning, rubbed the sleep out of my blurry eyes, and got something to eat before starting my day. I had on my PJs and nightcap looking a fright. I decided to get on the computer to check my bank account before paying some small bills.

Lo and Behold! There was some activity from Amazon with what looked like deposits. I rubbed my eyes again to decipher what I was looking at. It takes awhile to get focused so early in the morning. There were three deposits from UK, US, and Canada. International Activity! How about that? I go to sleep and then wake up to find cash in my bank account.

I owe it all to Rave Reviews Book Club. I’ve…

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8188876205_bbf9fde75e_nHalloween is a difficult holiday in America but for me, I always look back on it with fine memories. As a young child, it was the day when I would get more sweets than I could eat and would make them last for at least a week. During my childhood time, there was less store bought candy and  a lot of homemade treats. I used to love getting brownies wrapped in wax paper or homemade candy wrapped like wise. To me, that was better than the store bought stuff. Now days, if anyone gave you a homemade treat, the parents would throw them away not trusting what was in them. With so many sick people out there today, you just have to! Today, most costumes are store bought, in my day very few wore store bought costumes. I never had one. All my costumes were hand made and our faces colored. I did buy store bought for my children, I guess I was lazy compared to my mother who spent her time dressing us up. She would ask us what we wanted to be and went about making us look like what we wanted. Did your parents do any home made designs for you? I just wondered if parents bother to do that for their children or do you do like me and just buy store bought stuff. Living at the edge of town, in our small town, we never get any trick or treat children out here in all the time I have lived here.

Have a great spooky day. Talk back I’m listening.

#Promote #Authors & #Books for #Readers on YOUR #Blog…

Helping others helps you as well. I have learned this the hard way. A.G.

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The Questions:

(From authors)

WHY should I promote other authors and their books on MY blog when I can’t even get LOTS of people to buy and review MY book(s)?

(From Readers & Bloggers)

WHY would authors (read demi-gods) who are way above me in the hierarchy of intelligence levels possibly want to send their articles to ME – a lowly Reader and Blogger?

(From existing Author / Books Bloggers)

I ALREADY have a good system going so WHY should I even CONSIDER changing it?

The Answers

(To Authors)

By featuring other authors and their books on YOUR blog, YOU and YOUR BOOK(S) will be seen by visitors as well – plus – it WILL bring NEW visitors and followers to YOUR BLOG and may even result in them getting YOUR BOOK(S)!

(To Readers & Bloggers)

Authors may have a talent with words that YOU may, or may not, have…

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Fall changes

collage two sifiIt has been a very productive summer around my house. We paneled the bedroom, looks great. We paneled the bathroom giving it at old fashion look. We had a very successful garden. Love fresh home grown tomatoes (They have flavor instead of being bland like those store bought ones). Needless to say, didn’t get much new writing done this summer but I still did some. Worked mainly on my western (Saddle Spur) and my fiction book about a young man after the death of his parents has to suddenly grow up and face the real world. Before all he cared about was football and nothing else. His over protective mother shielded him from it. I should complete it this winter and put it in editing. I changed the hayloft into what my wife is calling a man cave to have a spare bedroom. We only have a one bedroom house so if anyone comes to visit, it is a pain. Now, there will be room. So it has been a fairly busy summer but slowly down some now, allowing me time to work more on my books. I had to go off line while she painted and remodeled the computer/library room. She re-did the front room already so now she is tackling my space. My computer used to be in the corner, now she has moved me almost to the center of the room. Where I sit before, I could look out two windows while writing in my head my books. Now, I have to look out the door during my spaced out time writing in my head. During the winter of course the door will be closed so I don’t know what I will do then. I will figure it out. LOL

Talk back, I’m listening and have a great day.

Blogs I follow

DSCF3877I am slowly starting to follow more and more blogs. I usually follow when they blog about something that interest me even annoy me. One in particular, I like is Laura Cream’s Well in the Garden blog another I usually read or enjoy the pictures of Cindy Knoke and the turmoil of the opinionatedman on his Harshrealty blog. to me the Opinionatedman blogs so much that he is bound to find something that irritates you or your followers. As I follow more and more blogs, I am getting the picture that there is a lot of bloggers out there that really don’t have much to say, they only want to sell you something or offer you an enticement to something. A few blog about their problems in life and that interest me, I want to know they have similar problems. LOL I have decided to follow four new blogs per day even if they don’t interest me. What do you do? Talk back, I’m listening

Read Tuesday: Now Accepting Books for 2014

For al those authors out there A.G.


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The time has come,

A wonderful day,

For those who love books,

called Read Tuesday.

Like Black Friday,

But not for television;

Give the gift of reading

This holiday season.


Read Tuesday is now accepting submissions for:

  • Kindle Countdown Deals that include Tuesday, December 9, 2014. (Please try it out and verify that dates are possible before you sign up.)
  • Temporary Kindle price reductions that include Tuesday, December 9, 2014. (Please try it out and verify that the lower price is possible before you sign up.)
  • It’s okay to start early and end late. This might be to your advantage.

Listing on Read Tuesday is FREE.

Sign up by clicking here. This will take you to a one-page Google Docs form to complete. If you have any trouble with the form, please use the Contact Us button on the Read Tuesday website.

More opportunities…

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