Hello, I am A.G. Moye

73825-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bamI am no retired after many years in Management in the metals Industry. Most thought the “A” in my name stood for Asshole and it might have. I forced to make a lot of tough decision to keep the business afloat. I wrote as a stress reliever in my early years and escape from everyday life. When I wrote the Lightning in the Tunnel series, it was only to be two maybe three books. But when the publisher said the first book was too big to publish, so I split it in half. The second half got split into half again. That led to the series to being seven books long and counting. It is up to ten right now with number 11 in editing. While writing number eight, I took the series off into another direction not wanting to end it. I became so attached to my characters, I didn’t want to lose them. While writing that book, I wrote another SiFi which is my favorite genre. I read other genres but love SiFi,

Anyway back to me, my children are all grown and most have children of their own. I even have many great grandchildren. I love them all.

I spent the summer and fall converting my hayloft into a man-cave but still spend most of my time inside on the computer. I have so many books rolling around in my head. The thing I find the most fun after writing my stories is talking with my editor. I we go through it, I see a lot of my errors and holes in the stories. I am trying to use the senses more in my stories and my editor agrees that is a key thing to making a book successful. I first thought when I wrote that getting the story was the key thing. After publishing my first book, when I asked some of those that read the story, what was it about? Did they get anything out of it? Their replies shocked me, They had no idea what the story was about, all they recalled was the sex scenes. Writing more and more, I finally realized that you should leave more to the imagination when it comes to sex scenes. I rewrote the first book removing 90% of the explicit sex scenes and put more of the feelings of the characters along with senses. Most people now talk about the story. Just a word to those new writers out there, leave somethings to the readers imagination unless you are writing an erotica book.

Another nice thing about being retired, you can work at whatever pace you set for yourself and take your books places you can’t go. Talk back, I’m listening but going out of town for awhile.


Just passing thoughts around.

I chose not to add a picture on this post, why might you ask? I have no clue. My mind keeps jumping all over all day long. I am re-writing one of my books in my head. Then it jumps to other things, such as blog posts and then I am not sure where it disappears to. I know we are preparing to go on a trip later this week. Maybe, that is what is nagging at me. Snow and ice kept me in all day, maybe I needed to go outside today and do something. That usually helps me focus.

I spent the last two hours reading other blogs, some were interesting but none really held my attention. Sorry about that fellow bloggers, today is just not a good day. Maybe, I need to read a book because as usual, TV stinks as far as I’m concerned. I guess nothing really holds my attention today.

Have a good week and talk back, I;m listening. I have nothing better to do, I think I need a drink. LOL

Two hours later, three drinks later and I feel great. My sister called and she talks so much I had my wife to make me a double. I am feeling no pain now. LOL I can even write now, just might not know in the morning what I said. Night all!

11 Tips for Promoting your Book

for all those newbie authors out there.

Kobo Writing Life

An essential to-do-list for independent authors

from whitefox


There’s more to self publishing than just writing the book. Promotion is almost as important as putting pen to paper, but many authors don’t know where to start. Luckily there are a few relatively simple tricks you can employ to give your book a better shot at commercial success.


If you try to flog your book too cheap, readers will assume that it isn’t very good. Set the price too high and they won’t be willing to take a punt on you, an unknown author. According to Kobo’s Mark Lefebvre (here) , $0.99 for an ebook is so low that readers can’t resist, $2.99 tends to perform even better, but $1.99 is an awkward middle ground; it is cheap enough to suggest a lack of professionalism, but not cheap enough to convince readers to…

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Friday night, I staying home?

73825-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bamI can not believe it is Friday night and I am staying home instead of taking taking my wife out to sing. She loves to sing Karaoke and she has a great voice. Sounds a lot like Patsy Cline. We only do this once a week so I sit and watch people ( Character study) for inclusion in my books while she sings. Instead she is on the phone with family members making plans as i sit and write this blog. I know I should be working on one of my books but at the moment, I don’t feel like pulling them up and working on them. My IronHeart is writing in my head, but still have to finish it on the computer, then check to see if it makes sense. My western, “Saddle Spur” has my characters halfway on the Oregon trail, I still need to button this one up. “Doomsday Rock” is half written, a story about a young man that spent fifteen years in a convent underground inside the salt mines of Utah when the world fell apart. This is the more humorous of any book I have written to date. He was four years old when his mother took him underground and besides what he learned in kindergarten, he is dumb about the world and females studying only the bible and praying constantly. He is kept separate from the other young men because his mother a former school teacher hiding text books from those running the convent. Upon her death, he escapes and is forced to learn how to survive and the ways of a Dystopian world.

Now, I made me a drink so my mind can flow. This is the first time I touched alcohol in over a week. Tonight I am sticking to my two drink limit. I might only have one. Talk back, I’m listening and follow along with me on this blog.

Taking a deep breath!

b8199-goodreads_logo_140-5b3e47356388131c1699f0baca28a234 You can find me on GoodReads at http://w.w.w.goodreads.com/agmoye  if you would like to look at some of my published work or to just friend me on GoodReads while I take a deep breath. I have been guest posting so much on my other blog that I have fallen behind on posting reviews.  I just withdrew from hosting more book blasts or  blog tours to allow me some time to do other things. As some of you might recall, I over -committed posting several on the same day and most likely confused my readers. They are not used to me doing something like that.

How is your week winding down as we approach the weekend. Any major plans?

With so many books being published, it is difficult for any writer to get their work noticed but I try to as much as I can to spread the world about their work. If anyone would like to guest post on this site, let me know and I will gladly host you. Author/character interviews are welcome along with a write up about your work.

I, now have five books in editing so if you don’t see me posting much besides guest posts or re-blogs then I am working with my editing team to get those books ready for publishing.

Talk back, I’m listening and have a great day.

Okay, so I do screw up!

73825-dec2b302c2b20142b113a513a342bamI forgot to place a note on the calendar that I had another post scheduled on my Lighting Chronicles blog and then committed to posting another. So after much frustration and soul searching, I was going to tell one that I mistakenly had a prior engagement then it struck me. Since I already have the first post scheduled and complete, then the thought occurred to me, why not make two posts. The one I have completed will automatically go live at 7:00 am (PST) in the morning. I will put together the other posting and have it go live at 11:00 am (PST) and I will do both. It might piss off  both of them but , I still will have done my commitment. One is a spotlight of an author, that is the first one and the other is a blog tour. Do you think this is ethical or not?

I have never screwed up like this before, any other ideas. Should I notify the two groups of my actions? Just asking.