Iron Hearts Excerpt for your enjoyment

Iron Hearts is my latest work of fiction about a young man that loses both his parents shortly before his eighteenth birthday. He discovers soon after they weren’t the nice parents he thought they were.

C.J. (Claude James) Bullet was sitting on the porch with his sister, Mandy (that he never knew he had) at their father’s cabin in rocking chairs. This was their first time going fishing together. Younger brother Robbie *Robert Bullet Junior) was inside playing video games, leaving them alone to talk. Even though Mandy was underage it was clear that their father (Robert Bullet) and Mandy had sat out here drinking sherry before. She poured herself and CJ a glass of sherry so they could sit and talk.

I didn’t much care for the taste of the sherry but I politely continued to sip, pausing only to ask. “What did you and Dad mainly talk about?” She took a big swig before answering.

 “Mostly, we talked about life and people. My Aunt Carmen got us on an interesting discussion. I think I will share it with you. Dad said, ‘Most people have iron hearts, tempered by life’s events. Some people have steel hearts that nothing can penetrate, not even emotions such as love. Some of those with iron hearts build a steel shield around their hearts that is almost as impenetrable. That is to keep from anyone hurting them. He said you are one of those that built a shield around your heart. Nothing could penetrate except for football, not even love.” I could tell by her face she was very serious.

“I know I was so blind. I never realized that my father never stayed home because he had another family that loved him. He only married my mother to change her last name because she was in trouble. I don’t think he ever loved her but felt he owed his life to her.” I didn’t realize that between words I was doing more than sipping. The sherry was starting to taste good.

Look for IronHearts to be in a book store next fall or early winter. Between then and now I will get a book cover for it and continue to post excerpts for your enjoyment. Hope you liked it. Talk back, I’m listening as always. Have a great day!

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